About Immediate Tech Support

With over 14 years in the IT business, our technological expertise and personal service will be able to save you time and money. Running your business simply does not leave you the time to learn all there is to know about technology, nor keep up with the trends of the industry.  Immediate Tech Support has only one business: computers.  We fill in the blanks for you! In today’s complex world, technology is one of the most important components of your company.  You know how technology directly affects your bottom line.  A downed computer network or crashed hard drive is a reality – you may have already experienced it. It is more than an inconvenience - it means lost work hours, lost revenue and  repair costs.

Immediate Tech Support was founded with the goal of helping companies like yours. Not only can we ensure that your current technology keeps working, but also that you’re getting absolutely all of the benefits out of it, and that you’re aware of anything new that could help you and your employees work more efficiently.  Our product is productivity.

Not a Franchise, Not a Retailer, Not a Bit of Red Tape

A great advantage of Immediate Tech Support – and a prime reason why we are a benefit to you as a local business person – is we're local too. Wherever you are in Broward County, we're just around the corner.

Faster response time + Faster service = More productivity

With personalized – and personal – service, we genuinely care about making your systems as efficient and trouble-free as possible.

Unlike many of the large retail service companies, our squads of trained, certified professionals work on computers as a career, not as a job to get through college.  Our employees will become familiar to you and your employees.  We believe personal responsibility makes for a better work product.

And a better work product is what your company and our company have in common.

The Bottom Line

At Immediate Tech Support, our business is to ensure that your computing systems run at maximum efficiency. I would love to meet with you personally, and show you by specific example how I can save you precious time and money. I guarantee you’ll be as satisfied with my work as the clients mentioned in this letter.


Sean Atkinson, President


What Others Say About Immediate Tech Support

Jim Airaghi, of Nutritional Alliance in Hallandale, Florida, had this to say about Immediate Tech Support:

"We have had the pleasure of working with Immediate Tech Support and Sean Atkinson for over 6 years now, and we could not be more satisfied with the excellent and reliable service on all of our company and personal computers and servers.

Sean has become a trusted colleague of ours, and has always proven himself the most knowledgeable and honest in his field. We have recommended Immediate Tech Support's services to our business associates and family, and would consider Sean and his company extremely helpful to anyone looking for a genuinely "good guy" who isn't looking to rip you off! "

Another client, Claire Schour of Aluminum of Florida, is another satisfied client:

"I have nothing but high praise for Sean. He is so capable and so intelligent. Whatever he does on our system, he does it well. When he fixes something, it is fixed - no return visits. He is a fine man and I would recommend him to anybody looking for an IT specialist."

Finally, Jon Tyson, CEO of ivgStores.com, a Top 500 Internet retailer, said:

"I found Immediate Tech Support on the web, liked their references, and hired them to provide IT support for our growing office. Sean has been reliable, providing timely support and high quality solutions for the challenges of keeping our office running smoothly. In the few cases where our needs exceeded their companies scope, they found for us the right resources to get the job done."