How network assessment technology works

We use a product called the Network Detective from to run our network assessments. This is a highly specialized diagnostic tool designed specifically to allow IT service providers like me to perform a comprehensive scan of my clients’ networks in usually just 10-20 minutes.

After the scan is complete, I can run an analysis of the findings and quickly identify a wide range of network configuration issues and security holes that can easily go unnoticed.

Most network monitoring and discovery technology relies on invasive software agents that must be installed throughout your network, and then sit running for hours – sometimes days – to collect information about your network’s health. And even then, there are some critical network and user data that they simply can’t detect.

But the tool we use employs a new approach using technology designed specifically for this purpose. Our minimally invasive technology requires no agents to install. We simply run a small executable file on your domain server, and are able to dive into the core configuration history files to extract literally hundreds of pages of user access data, security groups, computers, services, MSSQL servers, web servers, time servers, and more.

Once the scan is complete, we run the results through our proprietary diagnostic software which confidentially compares your system against industry benchmarks and best practices, and flags any potential risks to your organization. We analyze the results and generate a report that includes our recommendations based on the findings.

Anyone can buy and run this software. But it takes a truly experienced network administrator to analyze the results and come up with a resolution plan to attend to any issues uncovered.

I’m curious to know, who else out there is using the Network Detective and what do you think of it?