Computer Workstation Services

Computer workstation maintenance is a process that must be performed regulary and can insure your computer systems operate at the most secure and efficient level.

Workstation and Peripherals Installations

Immediate Tech Support can guide you throught the puchase of your new computers and peripherals, and install them with minimal interference. Large installations can be coordinated over time, and weekend installations are possible to avoid business disruption.

Operating System Updates

Microsoft releases software updates to their Window Operating System and installed components (including Internet Explorer) through the Windows Update service. These patches most often address security updates or critical updates against malware vulnerabilities and security exploits. Our technicians perform these updates during off-work hours as to not interrupt daily business operations. Large workstation networks can be managed through automated updated software available from Microsoft.

Anti-Virus Software

Various forms of virus, malware and spyware protection and removal are available to make sure your system is always ready to serve you. With our remote access software, we can often service your system without a site visit.

PC Repair

Immediate Tech Support technicians will diagnose your problem, and provide multiple options for a solution. Most hardware repair problems can be solved on the same business day.