Network Assessment Report Sample

Typical Issues Our Technology Discovers

Our network scan pulls hundreds of pages of network configuration data from your system. No user files or document files are accessed by the scan. Samples of the summary results are shown below. Note that potential issues are highlighted in red, based on industry standards and best practices. We can then drill down into the flagged areas in these summary screens to identify the specific offending issues.

Issue Uncovered: Inactive users
Client Risk: Security / Unauthorized Access

Inactive User Report

Issue Uncovered: Some computers not logged-in
Client Risk: Poor maintenance / Potential for undetected theft

Users Not Logged In

Issue Uncovered: Misalignment of IT asset organization
Client Risk: Potential for unauthorized access

Misalignment of IT Asset Organization

Issue Uncovered: Second domain controller issue
Client Risk: Single Point of failure

Domain Controller Issue

Issue Uncovered: Inappropriate user access
Client Risk: Security breach

Inappropriate User Access Security Breach

Issue Uncovered: Weak / Insecure passwords
Client Risk: Security breach

Weak Password Report

Issue Uncovered: Insecure Protocols In Use
Client Risk: Security

Insecure Ports Report

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Even if our network assessment yields no surprises, isn’t it worth a check just for the peace-of-mind you’ll get knowing that your network and your company are safe and secure?

If we do uncover a potential issue, you’ll have all the information you need to remediate it – whether you use your internal resources, bring in your trusted IT advisor, or invite us to provide you with a quote for our services.

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