Network Services

Our certified network professionals offer the latest in network support, network management and network setup services.  By focusing on employee productivity, we create workplaces with stable workstations and reliable network resources.

Free Network Asessment RequestWAN, LAN & VPN

Our technical staff will provide options for your connectivity, guide you through the selection process and manage the installation of your voice and data network. New installations, migrations and upgrades are all managed by our staff.

File, Email and Print Servers

We design a network management plan, offering ease of administration, network security, backups and support.  This plan includes a cost-effective remote network monitoring service, offering 24 hour a day checks on areas such as back-up integrity, anti-virus updates, available disk space, memory health, email and website problems and disturbances in your operating system.


Network cabling is complicated portion of a network installation, and should be handled by professionals to avoid code violations, tenant contracts, and fire hazards. Our technicians are skilled at proper cabling and avoid cable clutter through organized installation and labeling.

Backup and Data Recovery

Immediate Tech installs and maintains your backup schedule so if there's a data loss, the loss to your business can be minimal. Various options for data backup are available, and selection is based on the amount of data, security preferences, and cost considerations.