Voice over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) technology has revolutionized the telecommunications industry in a way not seen since the introduction of the World Wide Web.  Advanced, intelligent features not available on legacy voice systems, coupled with operational simplification, VoIP offers you the perfect leg up over your competition. 

Advantages of VOIP: 

  • One Wiring System: All data and voice are carried on the local area network. No expense or maintenance for separate wiring.

  • Easy Administration: All administration functions can be done through a web browser, allowing for modifications anytime, anywhere.

  • No Long Distance Charges: All calls are routed through the Internet. Great for remote offices and workers.

  • Instant Messaging: An option for some VOIP networks, private instant messaging can help businesses eliminate some of the security issues with public instant messaging systems.

  • Peer-to-Peer Calls/Video: All calls are setup by the VOIP server, then flows between the two endpoints, reducing congestion at the server.

  • Cost Savings: Cost savings are achieved through implementation and operational usage at all levels of the business.

You can also create virtual phone numbers in various area codes, giving your Florida-based company a local presence nationally.

VoIP technology allows you to take your phone with you…whether on a business trip to another state or country, or during an temporary relocation after a weather emergency, your phone number goes with you and your laptop computer.  Additionally, faxes and voice mails can be delivered to your email…no more calling in to check on voicemails or forwarding illegible faxes.

No matter what type of small business phone system you use or want, we will design and implement the ideal telecommunication system for you.  We offer full setup and support for VoIP phone systems, as well as traditional telephone systems.

With one call to us, Immediate Tech Support will represent your company, locating the best rates and the best system for your needs.